General Average

General Average is a principle of maritime law where in the event of a peril, the intentional losses and expenses made for the common safety are shared by all parties involved in the maritime adventure. DPS Legal Department is experienced in handling such General Average claims on behalf of cargo underwriters. Our services include advising parties on all steps that need to be taken, putting up the General Average Guarantee on behalf of underwriters and checking / drafting the General Average Adjustment. Our guarantee is accepted by all major Average Adjusting Offices.


General Average services:

  • Advising parties on all steps that need to be taken;
  • Issuing the General Average Guarantee and / or the Salvage Guarantee for account of the cargo underwriters;
  • Participate in the discussion with the salvors in order to reach an agreement / amicable arrangement regarding the salvage charges;
  • Negotiating a reduction of the General Average contribution (either before or after declaration of the General Average Adjustment);
  • Advance deposits, provisional contributions and final contributions;
  • Control of the General Average allowances, drafting of the General Average and/or Salvage Adjustment and collection of cargo contribution in General Average / Salvage