Since the fruit & perishables business requires specialized knowledge and handling, a new department was created within DPS, the International Fruit Desk. The dedicated team handles fruit and perishables claims all over the world. In various countries, they will use other correspondents than the ones used by our International Desk, because they are always searching for the local surveyors that have this extra knowledge and experience in this very niche business.

As such, we offer you the same services in quality control surveys, pre-discharge surveys and damage surveys as we do with our own team of surveyors/fruit inspectors in the head office.

For complex cases, the team can always fall back on the extensive experience and knowledge of our fruit surveyors at the head office. Upon request of the customer, we can send one of these fruit surveyors abroad.

This flexibility allows us to provide you the best solution in this specialized environment where relation between transport damage and the quality of the commodity is the most important issue and where time is money.

International Fruit Coordination Desk


  • Fernando Dupuis Grawe

Claims Coordinators