General terms and conditions


Clause 1: General
Unless  expressly  otherwise  agreed  upon  in writing,  these  conditions shall apply to all offers, tenders, assignments and contracts, as well as to the  execution  of  assignments  by  DP  SURVEY  GROUP  N.V. (further referred to as DPS), as well as to anything that might arise as a result of or in connection with those offers and/or assignments.

Clause 2 : Assignment
An  assignment  shall  only  relate  to  the  matter  specified  in  it consequences for any other matter cannot be attached to it.

Clause 3 : Acknowledgement of assignment / Contract
The  contract  shall  have  been  concluded  only  after  the  principal  has received a written  (post, email or  facsimile) acknowledgement of  the assignment from DPS in which a specification is given of the object or loss incident in question.

Clause 4: Obligations on the part of DPS
DPS  shall  carry  out  the  assignment  accepted by  it  to  the best of  its knowledge and ability, accurately and impartially, as can be expected from an unbiased adjuster/surveyor and mediator. DPS only assumes an obligation to use its best endeavours.

Clause 5: Appointed Experts / Agents / Correspondents
If and inasmuch as deemed necessary by DPS for the proper execution of the assignment, it shall be entitled to obtain the assistance of one or more experts, network experts, agents or correspondents.

Clause 6: Information furnished by the principal
1. Upon giving the assignment, or as soon as possible afterwards, the principal shall provide DPS with all data and information required for the  proper  execution  of  the  assignment.  If  so  required  by DPS  the principal shall, in particular, furnish written information to DPS in the manner specified by DPS.
2. DPS must be able to assume that the information received is correct and  complete.  If DPS  and/or  the  experts,  agents  and  correspondents appointed by DPS as referred to in clause 5 suffer a loss as a result of incorrectness and/or  incompleteness of  that  information,  the principal shall be liable to indemnify the injured party/parties for that loss.

Clause 7: Report
1. At the end of the execution of the assignment, DPS shall submit a written report to the principals describing its findings and the condition and/or quality of the object and/or purpose of the assignment.
2. Whenever  deemed  necessary  by DPS  or  agreed  between  parties, DPS shall submit an interim report to the principal.
Clause 8: Termination and retention duty
1. The  activities  of DPS  shall  end with  the  submission  of  the  final report relating to the assignment accepted by DPS.
2. DPS shall retain all data, correspondence and documents that have a bearing on  the acceptance and  the execution of  the assignment  for a period  of  five  years  following  the  submission  of  the  report.  Upon expiry of the aforementioned 5-year period the principal shall be liable to collect all data, correspondence, documents etc. submitted by him at the DPS  registered office. At  the explicit  request of  the principal  the aforementioned documents shall be returned, at the expense and risk of the principal. Other material objects (cables, components, liquids etc.) relating to the subject  of  the  assignment  shall  not  need  to  be  retained  by DPS  for more  than  twelve months  after  the  submission  of  the  report. Upon expiry of  this 12-month period  the principal shall be  liable  to collect these  material  objects  at  the  DPS  registered  office.  At  the  explicit
request of  the principal  the  aforementioned material objects  shall be returned, at the expense and risk of the principal.

Clause 9: Terms of settlement
1. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, each invoice shall be payable in cash in Antwerp. Bills of exchange and cheques shall only be accepted as  instruments  of  payment  subject  to  explicit  prior  agreement, however, all costs arising thereof shall fully remain at the expense of the principal. Payments shall be deemed to have been effected only if credited to the bank account of DPS. In the event of late payment, by operation of law and without notice of default, the invoice amount will be  increased by a  fixed compensation of 10%, with a minimum of .
50.00. In addition a standard interest of 1% per month will be charged as from the due date of the invoice.
2. Any  complaint with  regard  to  invoices  shall  be  lodged with DPS within  8  days  from  the  sending  of  the  invoice,  this  by means  of  a motivated protest by registered post.
3. In the event of non-payment DPS reserves the right to terminate its activities,  in  which  case  the  principal  is  not  entitled  to  any compensation whatsoever.

Clause 10: Liability
1. DPS  shall never be  liable  towards  the principal  if  the  assignment complies  with  the  provisions  of  clause  2  as  well  as  clause  4;  this subject to the further provisions of this clause and those of clause 11.
2. Except  for demonstrated  liability on  the part of DPS by virtue of imperative  legal  stipulations  in Belgium, DPS  shall not be  liable  for damage  and/or  loss  of  whatsoever  nature,  sustained  directly  or indirectly,  including  but  not  limited  to,  business  interruption  loss, damage to moveable or immovable property, immobilization, personal injury, both at the principal or at third parties, as a result of:
a)  Incorrect and/or incomplete information as referred to in clause 6, more  specifically where  information  asked  for  by DPS  is concerned, inasmuch as it has reasonably not been possible for DPS  to  witness  the  circumstances  in  order  to  obtain  the information in question;
b)  Activities  not  carried  out  by  DPS,  inasmuch  as  it  has reasonably  not  been  necessary  for  DPS,  by  virtue  of  the provisions  of  clause  2  and  of  clause  4,  to  carry  out  those activities.
c)  Errors  and/or delays  resulting  from  the  incorrect operation of equipment  used  by  DPS  in  the  execution  of  its  assignment, unless  the  principal  proves  satisfactorily  that  DPS  has  been negligent in the care of that equipment. This exclusion applies both if the incorrect operation referred to is due to the failure or malfunctioning  of  the  power  supply  and/or  other  exterior causes affecting the equipment, the prevention of which is not within  the  control  of  DPS,  and  is  due  to  defects  to  the equipment itself, including software, if any.
d)  The non-completion or late completion of the report. 3. DPS  shall  not  be  liable  either  for  damage  and/or  loss  caused  to equipment and other objects placed at  its disposal by or on behalf of the principal.
4. The principal shall protect DPS against claims from third parties in respect of damage to equipment and other objects placed at its disposal by or on behalf of  the principal for  the execution of  the activities by DPS,  as well  as  in  respect  of  damage  and/or  loss  to  objects  to  be inspected.

Clause 11: Limitation of liability and time bar
1. Any liability on the part of DPS shall be limited in all cases to ten times the amount of the fee and expenses charged or to be charged by DPS to the principal, but shall never be in excess of the amount paid in the case in question under the professional liability insurance of DPS. Any concurrence of assignments shall in this connection be deemed to be one single case.
2. Any claims against DPS shall be barred by limitation one year after the date of submission of the report to the principal.

Clause 12: Indemnity
The principal shall  indemnify DPS against all claims of  third parties, both in respect of the execution of the assignment and in respect of the report issued by DPS.

Clause 13: Applicable law and disputes
1.  All  offers,  tenders,  assignments  and  contracts,  as  well  as  the execution of assignments by DPS, shall be governed by Belgian law.
2. Any  dispute  shall  fall  under  the  jurisdiction  of  the  courts  of  the judicial  district  of  the DPS  registered  office,  unless DPS,  acting  as claimant,  chooses  to  file  its  claim  with  any  other  Belgian  court whatsoever.

Clause 14: Dutch, English and French versions
1. There are  three versions of  these  terms and conditions, one  in  the Dutch  language, one  in  the English  language  and one  in  the French language.  The  principal  declares  having  taken  cognizance  of  these terms and conditions
2. In case of discrepancy between these versions, the provisions of the Dutch version shall prevail, in disregard of the provisions of the English and/or French versions.