Since DPS is well aware of the problems and uncertainties encountered by international underwriters, insurance brokers and traders, we have established a worldwide network of experienced surveyors. The network was started by opening office in Moscow in 1992-93 and gradually developed into further ventures expanding to new horizons in different parts of the world. The concept to centralize intelligence has received general recognition from our client base and annually about 3,000 cases are handled though the central desk at DPS in Antwerp.

To ensure that all of our correspondent surveyors meet the high DPS quality standards, candidates are first thoroughly screened and pass a trial period before being nominated as DPS correspondent surveyors. Moreover, our correspondent surveyors are regularly visited and a DPS conference is organized each year in order to adjust the level of performance and reporting to the required standards. As a token of recognition for our achievements, many of our affiliates have been nominated as AIMU, Cesam and/or Lloyd’s agents as well.

Working in this diverse multicultural context, the international coordination desk was created to facilitate communication with this broad network of skilled surveyors. All survey work is organized, coordinated and closely monitored by our international coordination desk located at the DPS head office in Antwerp, Belgium. The coordination desk consists of 6 experienced and polyglot claims coordinators, each responsible for a particular world region. The claims coordinator ensures that all surveys are properly organized, carried out and reported to you at a uniform, high quality level and within a short period of time.

Due to the huge number of claims and prevention surveys handled during the past decades, we have a lot of valuable international experience waiting to be shared with you.

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