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In order to ensure top quality and immediate response to our clients, a team of 6 highly experienced multilingual claims coordinators have been recruited to handle all cases under the concept of the “One-Stop-Shop”.

We have been active in the handling of marine claim surveys in Asia for many years and our presence in the local insurance market has been steadily increasing, with a record number of more than 800 files in Asia in 2019 alone.

China reduced size

Furthermore, a strong connection with Chinese underwriters has been established and a growing number of marine as well as non – marine claim files are being handled by our offices internationally, on behalf of Asian Insurers.

Considering the existing trend of increasing cases originating from or being handled in Asia, we wish to offer our clients the opportunity and convenience of engaging with claims coordinators in their own language and their own time zone, eliminating the need of any intermediaries. This way we can save precious time in matters of urgency.


We will select and instruct experienced surveyors on all continents without our principals having to put any more effort in locating the right person for the right job. Our team has also sourced the most experienced surveyors locally in China and other Asian countries and can offer you the expertise you most need for any type of claim you are facing.


Asia Team

Shanghai Office

Xiaofeng Xu / Senior claim coordinator & Operations manager

(cell +86 137 6420 1900) -

Contary Ciu / Claims Coordinator -

Oliver Zhuang / Claims Assistant -

Tianjin Office

Ron Rong / Marketing Director, China Branch / Cell +86 17627797177

(Same as WeChat)- or

Andy Wang / Claims Coordinator & Operations manager -

George Yuan / Claims Coordinator -

Tingting Wang /Secretary -

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