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Quality surveyors

We have chosen to engage expatriate professionals in our liaison office in Dakar, who have already proven themselves in Africa, and who are seasoned surveyors/ claim handlers. In Ivory Coast, our team is composed of senior surveyors, claim handlers, having a bright experience of the Ivorian field in many sectors.

They are the best surveyors to coordinate our African activities in light of their knowledge of local practices, local culture, local languages and specific constraints of the region. Contactable at all times, they are also in the best position to nominate the appropriate surveyor that corresponds to the needs of our client and to the technical situation.

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The growth of the African continent, which at the moment is driven by energy, construction, transport and mining projects, far surpasses that of the well-established and developed markets in the West, which makes Africa essential for the insurance markets. Africa’s growth potential is one of the most remarkable of the planet in view of the relative virginity of the market. The insurers face an economic boom in this continent. It is therefore imperative that their partners can respond appropriately to this explosive demand

Partner of choice

Quality is and will always remain the crux of our philosophy. Knowledge of the field, knowledge of the local risks and proactivity will always be our motto and make us partners of choice in Africa.

This valuable cornerstone adds a new and final dimension to the edifice that is DPS. No matter where you are, whatever your needs, a DPS expert is always there to listen to you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even in Africa!