DPS wants to be closer to its clients than ever!

As such, we offer the possibility to perform desktop surveys, fully in line with the normal practices and thus defending the interest of our Principals, but at the same time respecting the local legislation and regulations.

Kindly note that our surveyors all over the world are still performing physical inspections where and whenever possible.

The desktop survey however is a solution in case counter surveyors and DPS people are no longer allowed to physically enter certain premises.

A clear guideline how we will handle Desktop Surveys below

Timothy Buysse

By Timothy Buysse Author

As the COVID-19 virus infection has become a global pandemic, we experience that the Governments of more and more countries are enforcing very strict rules with respect to travel, work, social contact, and this to an extent that in some countries it has already become difficult to have actual surveys carried out at ports, terminals, warehouses or companies.

In order to tackle this problem, and to ensure a continuity of our mutual business, we at DPS have the ability to offer a wide range of desk top surveys, this in case a physical visit at the premises of a claimant would no longer be possible.

We have a full team of multilingual claim handlers on stand-by, who with the support of our inhouse marine- and non-marine surveyors, can conduct a desk top claim investigation and provide underwriters with a survey report based on the available documents and photographs.

Although a physical inspection might not be possible, we can organize the communication with the insured, claimants and counter surveyors by means of telephone- or video conference, so that the available information in a claim file can jointly be discussed and reviewed, hereby also ensuring that possible claim recovery prospects are safeguarded.

In brief, we will work as follows:

Client submits the new assignment to DPS

DPS contacts warehouse / claimant to check whether a physical inspection onsite is possible

DPS expert will issue the Letter of Protest (LoP)

DPS expert will invite the counter surveyor for remote expertise

DPS expert will organize the remote survey meeting through Video Conference, SKYPE, Call, etc…

Client will provide damage details received from the claimant

Client will provide all relevant pictures received from the claimant

DPS expert will draft description of the incurred damage

DPS expert will collect and analyse all relevant documentation

DPS expert will provide detailed estimation of the damage & quantification of the reserves based on the obtained information and a report will be issued accordingly

If possible : retain the damaged goods, so that DPS surveyor can inspect once he is allowed to do so

Internally, DPS will assign another DPS surveyor for 2ndopinion (extra quality assurance check)

The entire DPS-staff are standing by to assist, with proper precautions in place to handle any circumstances that might arise.

Feel free to contact us at any time.

DPS, more than ever at your service!

Timothy Buysse

By Timothy Buysse Author