Development DPS Africa


Development DPS Africa

DPS has always believed in the potential of the African continent. We were convinced that having physical presence in Africa, would enable us to serve our clients even better. Hence, the DPS African liaison office was founded in March 2016. We decided that Dakar, Senegal was the ideal location for our 1st office We quickly understood that being also at the heart of Ivory Coast was a must. As such, we also opened 2 offices in Abidjan and San Pedro respectively. It has been a fascinating and intensive journey to ensure we could offer world class survey services in 54 African countries, but we kept the promise made to our customers.

Caroline Paul

By Caroline Paul Author

We are now a team of 18 top professionals in Africa dedicated to our customers’ need. More and more African partners are entrusting our services.

We realised that survey services in Africa were still synonym of only systematic control in the mind of the main trading actors’ chain, where the solutions are elsewhere. We focussed our offers on loss prevention at both ends of the shipping chain and on practical solutions to be delivered locally.

DPS Africa chose to be a reactive actor of those challenges by proposing innovative solutions. We have for example through the years, built an unbeatable network of salvage buyers in Africa to mitigate the claims.

We have also proposed, thanks to our large worldwide network, loss prevention solutions beginning at the very start of the logistic chain.


We have the unique capacity to reach the most remote places in Africa despite the logistics challenges, and this thanks to the tireless efforts of our partners in each country we are covering.

Some of the challenges our customers are facing in Africa are related to humidity development, shortage of cargoes, old and chaotic infrastructures, lashing and securing inadequacy… Those problems will be increasing in the near future, considering that the African population is expected to be multiplied by 2.5 in 40 years. More people, more needs, and a very dynamic position of many African countries to face these new logistic challenges.

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As a matter of example, DPS AFRICA participates to prototypes’ tests of containers’ dressing material for loading of cocoa, which could easily be extended in the future to other soft commodities. These practical solutions have to be presented to each and every of our customer to lighten their damage.

Furthermore, DPS AFRICA was the survey company entrusted in Senegal to follow up the very first wind turbines’ farm project in the country. Our team is not only accountable to survey the cargo but also to propose solutions when problems are encountered due to inherent nature of the logistic chain and infrastructures.

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We are innovating constantly, in order to provide tailor-made solutions our clients are looking for, such as:

  • Simplification of claims
  • Dynamic customer communication
  • Personalisation across touchpoints
  • Understanding customer’s expectations
  • Immediate reporting
  • Claims’ innovation utilizing technology
  • Reduce costs through efficient processing

DPS Africa remains very dynamic and leads the market. Hence, we constantly train new talents to enlarge the range of the services offered especially for technical vessels’ inspection where such competence is lacking in Africa .

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The future will be shaped by those innovating today. For the insurance sector, it’s an imperative. Insurers and intermediaries can no longer do ‘more of the same’ and expect to grow. Technology and innovation have created a new world of opportunity for individuals, businesses and society. Rest assured, DPS Africa will be by your side to ensure your company will be definitively part of it.

Caroline Paul

By Caroline Paul Author