Globalisation has impacted the insurance industry across the globe.

Our markets and playing fields are more interconnected than ever before.

DPS has its home office in Antwerp (Belgium) and established offices across Europe, Africa and the USA.

For the past 17 years however, DPS has been active in both Loss Prevention, and Claims / Damage Surveys across Asia as well.

We have seen our activities in Asia steadily increasing.

Hence, after closely monitoring the constant growth in Asia and in order to be closer to our clients, DPS has decided to set up a local branch in China (DPS ASIA, with offices in Shanghai and Tianjin)

Timothy Buysse

By Timothy Buysse Author

Our ambition is to partner even closer with our clients.

Our purpose is to have boots on the ground in every time zone, and offering our one-stop-shop concept across the globe through our own offices and own DPS employees.

In order to ensure top quality and immediate response to our clients, we recruited a team of highly experienced multilingual claims coordinators. They know the local market, speak the local languages, understand the local culture. They work the DPS way. They are determined to deliver at the highest industry standards.

As a result, our clients are being offered the opportunity and convenience of having their claims and survey work handled by local people, in their own language, in their own time zone but always under the unique DPS signature assuring a uniform way of working on all continents.

We really look forward serving you in all continents.

Please contact Johan Van der Meirsch or myself for any request or inquiry.

Looking forward to serving your needs




Asia Team

Central point of contact DPS Headquarters Belgium :

For any questions for surveys in China, please contact:

Additionally to our own China offices, we have our reliable DPS network Partners to assist us with assignments across entire Asia. Contact:

Roel Van Hoeck, Manager International Desk

(cell: +32 495 65 54 67)


Shanghai Office

Xiaofeng Xu / Senior claim coordinator & Operations manager

(cell +86 137 6420 1900)


Contary Ciu / Claims Coordinator


Oliver Zhuang / Claims Assistant


Tianjin Office

Ron Rong / Marketing Director, China Branch

Cell +86 17627797177(Same as WeChat)

asia@dpsurveys.com and ron.rong@dpsurveys.com

Andy Wang / Claims Coordinator & Operations manager


George Yuan / Claims Coordinator


Tingting Wang /Secretary


Timothy Buysse

By Timothy Buysse Author