Risk prevention

The traditional work of a surveyor is conducting damage surveys. DPS however understands that there is more to do for its clients than damage surveys alone.

The DPS philosophy can be described as pro-active with a long term vision. We try to work out preventive solutions for our clients as their partners rather than waiting for the damage to come. Limiting the number of incidents / claims of our clients will not only benefit the business of our clients, but in the long term also our own business. Although incidents will always occur for which the intervention of a surveyor is required, one should always try to limit the risks on incidents, especially to avoid that similar incidents reoccur.

Thanks to their long standing field experience, our surveyors have been able to work out centralized prevention programs by means of which risks can be limited and general loss statistics improved. In such programs, the logistic chain of the clients and their loss records are carefully investigated and fully discussed with all parties involved. Afterwards, detailed guidelines are worked out to limit the risks involved, without unrealistically intervening in or without hampering the business possibilities and flexibility of our clients.

We do not impose our ready-made inspection programs, but always work out a tailor-made product based on joint discussions with all parties involved. As a result of this, guidelines are worked out that suit the needs and concerns of the client. Once the concept has been agreed, it can be imposed to correspondent surveyors on a worldwide basis.

These guidelines are linked to loss prevention surveys such as warehouse inspections, pre-shipment surveys, pre-loading condition surveys of vessels, load and stow surveys, pre-discharge and discharge surveys, etc. For all these loss prevention surveys, standard instructions and standard reports are drawn up, fully adapted to the specific needs of the clients, which are used by all surveyors within our network.

The loss prevention field work is monitored on a daily basis by the staff of DPS in Antwerp. Our global reach allows us to compile load and discharge surveys with the competent of experienced surveyors.

With our competitive rates, down-to-earth approach, around the clock availability and swift electronic reporting, we believe our loss prevention programs can make a difference.