Specialized in Cyber



Specialized in Cyber

Any organisation that uses technology faces a cyber risk. As technology becomes more complex, the scope, severity and costs of a possible cyber breach increase, whether these breaches lead to damaged data and systems or leakage of sensitive information.

This development leads to a growing importance of both marine and non-marine cyber risk insurance.

Examples of risk and incidents include computer viruses, IT supplier failure, cyber extortion, intellectual property infringements, (personal) data breaches, denial of service, hacking and data corruption and loss.

Our Cyber team offers a coordinating service to insurance companies for all technology-related risks:

  • Cyber Hotline to provide first aid to the Assured
  • Make recommendations on measures to take during the initial 24 hours
  • Draft action plan and coordinate parties necessary to:
    • solve the issue (IT)
    • assess cause & extent of the loss (Business Interruption surveyors)
    • centralize large-scale communications
    • notify data breaches to the privacy commission (legal)

Non-marine Services

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