What we stand for

The story behind DP Survey Group is the story of entrepreneurs with a heart for people, customers and the profession. Over the course of 20 years, DPS has grown into an international player with a passion for quality. Today, DPS is proud to have offices and top professionals present in all 5 continents, covering a wide range of Survey and Claims services, including recovery. DPS is recognized and known in the market for its technical qualities, its excellent people, its speed in reporting, its no-nonsense approach and its passion for customers. DPS always maintains an alert dynamic in a never-ending QUEST



  • We at DPS strive to deliver the highest possible quality
  • We lead and monitor the changes to industry standards
  • We assess our performance so that we can identify where enhancements may continue to drive the quality of our services


  • All assignments handled in the same way across the globe through our central offices on all 5 continents via multi-lingual staff (28 languages spoken in HQ).
  • Unique network of partners across more than 156 countries across the globe.
  • 1-Stop-Shop: DPS, your trusted partner that offers a unique range of services: from surveys and risk management over claims to recovery and legal advice, all in an international setting


  • Engagement with our clients is the cornerstone of our culture
  • DPS does not sell services, but delivers solutions
  • Working side-by-side with our clients is in our DNA


  • Speed is of the essence in our business
  • DPS delivers on time and in full in a timely way


  • Transparency in every step of delivering the solution to our clients is crucial
  • We keep our clients closely informed through an interactive digital platform
  • DPS maintains full transparency and accurate communication with clients

Worldwide expertise

DPS is an international organisation of experts engaged in claims and risk management services to both the marine and property & casualty insurance industries. Our professionals are experienced in a vast range of key areas enabling accurate and efficient investigations to be reflected in detailed and crystal clear reports.