Globalisation has impacted the insurance industry across the globe. Our markets and playing fields are more interconnected than ever before.

As a result, over the past 17 years, DPS has seen a boost in its activities in Loss Prevention, and Claims/Damage Surveys across the Americas.

After closely monitoring the constant growth of DPS’ market share across the Americas and in order to be closer than ever to our clients, DPS has decided to set up local offices in the United States.

As of February 2020, DPS Americas is active. As such, we are very proud to have recruited the very best technical professionals from across the United States to manage/supervise all operations in all states from our headquarters in Houston, TX. In addition, we have vetted and designated a rock solid partner network in all major ports and metropolitan areas in all 50 states as well as Canada with multi-functional surveyors and offices.

Our ambition is to form an even closer partnership with our clients.

Our objective is to offer our clients the very best quality in claims and surveys.

Our purpose is to have boots on the ground in every time zone, and to offer our one-stop shop concept across the globe.

In order to ensure top quality and immediate response to our clients, we recruited a team of highly experienced multilingual claims coordinators. They know the local culture. They work in the DPS way. They have an exceptional, proven track record. They too are passionate about delivering top quality at the highest industry standards. As a result, our clients are being offered the opportunity and convenience of having their claims and survey work handled by local people, in their own language, in their own time zone, but always under the unique DPS signature, assuring a uniform way of working on all continents.

We look forward to serving your needs on a global one-stop-shop basis, both domestically and internationally.