Case 6


DPS was appointed by the underwriters of the construction firm appointed to build the “Salvador vehicular bridge over the Huallaga River”, in the locality of Aucayacu, Jose Crespo y Castillo district, Peru.

A concrete mixer truck on its way to the construction site, was involved in a road accident on the Canta – Huayllay lane whereby the truck regretfully overturned ending up at the side of the road.

DPS was appointed to attend and supervise the salvage and towing operations of the truck and to mitigate further damages.


Within few hours after the accident, our surveyor arrived at the accident site. The 20A route where the incident happened, is connecting the Peruvian capital Lima with Canta and Huayllal. The route is well known for its challenging terrain and the accident site was located at an altitude of no less than 4.300m!

Together with the local authorities and the towage company, we succeeded in bringing the heavy concrete mixer in an upright position again without causing additional damages. Later on we proceeded to verify the mechanical damages to the truck and to report without any delay to our Principal.

A very good example of how we respond on an emergency request for a survey from a client in very remote areas. The accident site was not easy to reach, the salvage operations needed to be carried out very carefully avoiding additional damage to the truck as well as environmental contamination.

DPS has a longstanding experience in operating and surveying in remote areas; being the pioneers in the former Russian Republics, upto inland Africa and mainland China or recently with surveys in Bhutan. With our own offices and staff in Africa, China and US and the one stop shop service with our global Partners “no mountain is high enough” for us.

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