DPS Africa is expanding!

Yves Africa

DPS Africa is expanding!

DPS & DPS Africa are expanding!

We welcome our new colleague, Yves Pangop, in our Dakar liaison office.

Together with his colleagues, Yves is handling and coordinating all types of marine survey files all over the African continent.

Holder of a undergraduate degree in Law, Yves worked for one of the major law firms in his native Cameroon.

After obtaining his postgraduate diploma in international transport Laws and Logistics (with specialty in marine cargo litigation), Yves was employed as claims manager for a recovery company.

He was in charge of the cargo recovery and claims for damages which occurred during sea, land and air transport on behalf of their clients.

Yves has decided to join DPS, whereby he is using his experience to focus more on the technicalities of a damage occurring during cargo transit. He will do so in close cooperation with our local network partners across the 54 African countries.

You can always contact Yves at Yves.pangop@dpsurveys.com

Welcome Yves, it’s good to have you on board in our African flagship hub!