Our service level

With our team of dedicated and multi-disciplinary surveyors, we can offer a 24-hour service in handling all types of transport related cargo claims following shipments either by sea, rail, road or air, as well as nautical surveys including loading/discharging supervisions and loss prevention surveys. This service is available to the international insurance market, P&I Clubs, carriers and traders.



  • Charterer’s / owners liability
  • Carrier’s liability
  • Forwarder’s liability
  • Stevedores’ liability

Hull & Machinery

  • Condition surveys
  • Damage surveys
  • Ship repair surveys

Risk prevention

Special services for



  • Salvage sales
  • Pre-shipment surveys and surveys after discharge
  • Quality controls
  • Loading and discharging surveys
  • Stowage, lashing and securing surveys
  • Cargo damage surveys including investigations into extent and cause


Thanks to our multidisciplinary team of surveyors, we can offer a wide range of services in all types of transport damage. Either by sea, road or air, we can build on the dedication and commitment of our local staff. Besides damage surveys we have also specialized ourselves in loss prevention surveys such as loading and discharging supervisions, pre-loading condition surveys and quality inspections.

Many of our staff surveyors have a nautical background and a sailing experience on different types of merchant vessels. These qualifications and services are available to all parties involved in the transport chain, ranging from shipper to consignee and from Charterer to Owners.

Marine international


Providing a unique and unrivalled liaison service to clients around the globe is part of our DNA. DPS has been a pioneer among surveyors in offering a One-Stop-Shop service from the early 90’s. We were the first to open privately owned survey companies in all the former Soviet Republics, in combination with a centralized, single point of contact in our Headquarters. Over the course of 2 decades, the DPS international network has expanded to all 5 continents, offering the highest level of quality in a uniform manner and regardless of the location of survey, the type of survey, and the nature of the claim. DPS works with partners in more than 156 countries, all trained in the high-quality DPS way of working.

The coordination desk consists of 12 experienced and multilingual claims coordinators, each responsible for a dedicated world region. For the African continent, you can rely on the claims coordinators at our Dakar office.

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